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Live Internet TV App will show you a list of available streaming content
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Live Internet TV App is a program that will show you a list of available streaming content. You will be able to watch television shows, streaming channels, movies and videos, and listen to some radio stations that broadcast their content over the Internet.

The program itself does not play anything, however: it just gives you the links to the sites that are streaming the content you want to play. You will need to have a proper player installed on your computer. The program will offer you links to compatible players, and install them. As some content can be blocked in your country, the program also suggests that you download and install a variety of VPN programs to fool the controls in streaming services.

The download link will lead you to an installer that needs to be unlocked. You can do this for free, by submitting your name and email. The developers will then send you one confirmation email and then, if you answer it, the key for unlocking the program.

The content of each channel is categorized by type, language and rating. You can also rate the content using your criteria.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It gives you access to thousands of channels


  • Not a player in itself
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